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Frequently Asked Questions

Our organization faces many of the same questions on a regular basis. We hear you! Sadly, it’s just not possible to answer every single one of you. We would have to have members dedicated to replying to comments day in and day out! Instead, we’ve taken a more practical approach.  Here are some of the top questions we are most frequently asked about our stance on issues orbiting our mission to end the sexualization, medicalization and indoctrination of children: 

Why is GAG so against education on LGBTQ+ subjects?

School is not the place for underage children to be bombarded with information that could exacerbate their natural inner turmoil. Growing up is hard enough as it is. We do not believe they should be exposed to and pressured into contemplating ideologies that prioritize sexuality and identity above real world skills. Children need to be focused on learning pragmatic skills like math, how to be a good friend, setting boundaries, basic communication and how to be a team player. Queer theory and gender ideology are not necessary for development or self discovery; they certainly weren't necessary for ours. When children are exposed to overly sexual material too soon, it can cause behavioral issues that lead them to dangerous situations.

Why is GAG so against youth having access to puberty blockers and gender affirming surgeries?

In order to become healthy critically thinking adults, normal puberty is essential. Puberty blockers are a risky and unnatural way of teaching a child to deal with something every human being naturally goes through. The risks include loss of bone density, slowed or stunted brain development, stunted sexual development, and sterility. Removing body parts of healthy children before they’ve grown into them is child abuse, plain and simple. Rather than enabling children to wage war on their own bodies, we believe they should be taught how to love themselves as they are until they can make a clear and informed decision as an adult. Even chest binding is a destructive behavior that damages breast tissue in a way that could lead to mandatory surgery. We are against these practices because they have the potential to do more harm than good.

What is GAG’s stance on gender vs. sex?

We believe biology matters. The two terms have been used interchangeably to refer to biological sex until recent years. Gender ideology is not universally accepted, and the majority of the world sees two genders, with a neutral space frequently provided for trans individuals. Sex is not assigned, but observed and recorded by doctors who understand the differences between male and female. Separating the two and introducing advanced concepts to children at a young age while they’re still learning to navigate the world is both overwhelming and confusing. Additionally, people with intersex conditions are frequently used as a bait to misconstrue the dual nature (and reality) of biological sex, and this has been further used to promote gender ideology as well. We do not support such politicization of scientific definitions and realities that in turn misinform children and harm their growth.

What is GAG’s stance on “the bathroom issue”?

While we understand there is an ongoing discussion regarding trans adults and which spaces are most appropriate for them, our mission is focused on children. There are nuances to consider when it comes to adults in public spaces, like needing to use an empty male restroom as a pregnant female because the need is too strong to think about any potential dangers. Many passing trans adults have used the restroom they externally identify with in peace without confrontation. There are risks present for all using public spaces. Predators exist in every scenario, and children should be supervised and safeguarded while in their most vulnerable state. Several countries have had gender neutral bathrooms for some time. When it comes to trans adults, gender neutral single stalls are usually available and preferable when possible. We believe public spaces like schools should maintain the binary bathroom model to reduce possible harm to minors, and provide separate single stalls for safety.

Why won’t GAG denounce the T entirely?

Being gay is not the same as being transgender, or transsexual. Who you love is not the same as how you choose to present yourself. That being said, trans people are still human beings deserving of compassion, and their voices are vital in exposing how transitioning can affect a child. They have first hand experience with the medications and procedures that we as gay people do not. We must work together to end the transing of children being done in our names. The protection of children comes first. It is not realistic to wage war on transgenderism as a whole, nor is it fair to accuse all trans people of being predators. We are focused on protecting children from these mature concepts until they are consenting adults who are free to make their own choices, and we welcome trans voices that align with our mission.

Why is GAG so against drag queens?

We don’t hate drag queens! We hate children being exposed to raunchy and erotic behavior, things drag queens are notorious for. We’re all for adults attending drag shows for fun on their own time. It is common sense to preserve the innocence of children by keeping them out of adult spaces like strip clubs, gay bars, and drag shows. Once again, predators can be found anywhere at any time. No group is exempt from scrutiny. There are so many ways to teach children kindness, self expression and acceptance without relying on a man dressed as a woman. In addition to being age-inappropriate and highly sexualized, are also inherently one-sided as there isn’t enough (or hardly any) representation of drag kings. Drag, as seen in 2023, is innately misogynistic and completely adult-oriented in its essence. This is why we think it’s totally inappropriate for children, and we believe that all sorts of drag performance let alone ‘story-hours’ could easily promote harmful stereotypes in these young minds. This is not age appropriate education. We suggest sticking to hiring princesses, story characters, puppet shows, musicians and clowns. The recent bill passed in Tennessee is a great example of classifying drag as adult cabaret entertainment to keep minors separated from the experience. Well done Tennessee!

What is GAG’s stance on religion?

We are a non-partisan group of LGB and T individuals from all walks of life. We don’t let our personal spiritual beliefs get in the way of our mission to work together to end the indoctrination, sexualization and medicalization of children. Not only is this a non-partisan issue, it is something everyone should care about regardless of spiritual beliefs. We respect religious freedom and the rights of parents everywhere to decide what their children are exposed to. Not all parents want their kids to learn about queer ideology and gender theory, nor do all parents have the time or ability to homeschool their children. While we find the erasure of gay people an impossible notion, we respect religious rights to believe homosexuality is wrong. You don’t have to like us, just know that we don’t like the LGBTQ+ agenda being pushed onto children, either.

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