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State Chapter Leader

United States

Weekly Hours:

4 - 6

About the Role

Position Description:
Gays Against Groomers wants to help the team advance within the organization and at the state level we do just that work. At this level of leadership, you will be in a hybrid position between executive leadership & Chapter Leads. While supporting your state we will ask that you advise leadership on the details of how your state is functioning and where support is needed. The ideal person for this position understands G.A.G. processes and procedures, can train these topics, and assist in the development of other processes.

Position Details:
- Lead by Director of Chapters
- Assist in performance reviews of members after 90 days & annually
- Train, develop, and recruit members and supporters
- Recruit new members by sending them to the website to apply
- Coordinate with chapter members ensuring they get the information needed with any events, rallies, or educational seminars held in their area
- Facilitate onboarding of new members (I.e social media, new member information, and paperwork)
- Coordinate state events
- Host fundraising events
- Do interviews with media on behalf of your state chapter
- Coordinate annual training within your chapter to ensure skills and abilities are always increasing
- Work with G.A.G. to provide your state with the support needed
- Provide Director of Chapters with data analytics on how your state is performing
- Improve processes to ensure state procedures are running smoothly
- Implement training provide by Director of Chapter within your state
- Manage reimbursement requests


  • Strong understanding of the state regarding needs, function, and procedures 

  • Attends School Board meetings a minimum of 4 times a year

  • Attends City Council meetings a minimum of 4 times a year

  • Able to be a self-starter

  • Have strong social media skills

  • Able to edit, create, manage and plan social media content

  • Ability to manage a team both virtually and in person as well as maintain records 

  • Strong technology skills is a must (i.e apps, cell phone, or editing abilities)

  • Willing to be a team player in the organization's missions, vision, and core values

  • Train City Chapter Leads and ensures he/she has completed the on the board checklist

  • Must be a part of the LGBT community


  • Moderate skills in public service or serving others

  • At least 6 months experience within G.A.G. or another nonprofit

  • At least 1 year experience in leadership

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