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Graphic Designer

United States

Weekly Hours:

2 - 3

About the Role

Position Description:
Gays Against Groomers spends countless hours ensuring that our brand and educational materials are as effective when compared to all parts of the organization. Our graphic design team will report directly to our President who is head of marketing as well to ensure the brand guides for GAG is always achieved. A typical day for a graphic designer would be to check requests and process graphics to your lead for approval. Also, assisting the organization with events, educational, social media, or internal graphics that need to be constructed.

Position Details:
- Led by the president of the organization
- Ability to replicate the organization's marketing through graphic design.
- Understand and implement GAG’s mission into the graphics made for the organization
- Create graphics for articles produced by the organization
- Create YouTube Thumbnails
- Produce anywhere from 2+ graphics weekly for the organization
- Develop graphics for educational materials for the organization
- Assist in graphics for human development & training


  • Must provide portfolio with past work

  • Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Able to excel in a team environment

  • Self-starter


  • 1+ years as a graphic designer

  • Strong communication skills

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