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Country Chapter Leader (International)

Outside of United States

Weekly Hours:

4 - 6

About the Role

Position Description:
Gays Against Groomers has a unique opportunity to provide members with a way to build administrative skills such as leadership, data analytics, social media management, event management, and so much more! All while shining as an individual homing in on your specialties and being able to bring a culture to motivate and assist others. Provide direct and immediate insight to the Director of Chapter Leads and execute the mission of G.A.G.

Position Details:
- Lead by the Director of Chapter Leads
- Interview new Chapter Leads & Members in your country (when needed)
- Recruit new members by directing them to the website to apply
- Conduct performance reviews after the first 90 days & annually for State/ City Leads & assist with member reviews if needed
- Conduct 3 Trainings for all Chapter Leads in your country.
- Assist and guide all country social media accounts
- Attend large events for GAG within your region approved by the Director of Chapter Leads
- Plan & coordinate events within your region (i.e AMFest) approved by the Director of Chapter Leads
- Speak at School Board & Government Meetings a minimum of 4 times a year
- Host fundraising events
- Appear, conduct, or meet with media on behalf of your country.
- Approve media requests
- Ensure events such as flyers, city talks, or booth opportunities within your region are conducted
- Distribute G.A.G. merchandise as needed
- Train, develop, and assist Local Chapter Leads in your country
- Travel throughout your region as approved by the Director of Chapter Leads


  • Strong social media skills

  • Ability to work with and lead a team

  • Understand and able to teach all procedures/policies of G.A.G.

  • Appear on media requests as requested by leadership

  • Be a self-starter in leading your region to success 

  • Must be a part of the LGBT community


  • 1 year experience volunteering within G.A.G. or another nonprofit

  • 2-3 years leading a team both virtually and in person

  • Strong & successful background in social media management & creation 

  • Vast experience in serving others and or the public 

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