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Blog Writer


Weekly Hours:

2 - 4

About the Role

Position Description:
Gays Against Groomers has a unique opportunity to provide movement within leadership even in the early stages of the organization. Being a part of our writing team does just that. This position is an amazing fit for an individual who enjoys writing articles based on facts and actual information happening.

Position Details:
Lead by Editor in Chief (EIC)
Assist writing team with creating articles for the organization
Write, edit, and send articles for submission to the organization with approval from the EIC
Write articles on your own and send them for approval
Creative control over topics, ideas, and articles made within the organization with approval from the EIC
Assist in leading the department to execute the EIC's vision
Contribute ideas for the growth of the department


  • Ability to work on a team

  • Complete tasks as assigned by G.A.G. leadership

  • Knowledge to navigate social media platforms

  • Basic understanding of reporting style writing

  • The article quota is 4 per month

  • Assist in managing GAG blog entries

  • Must be part of the LGBT community


  • Ability to produce 2-3 articles written in the past for review

  • One year of writing experience preferred

  • Minor leadership abilities 

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