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Ambassador (Content Creator)


Weekly Hours:

1 - 2

About the Role

Position Descriptions:
Gays Against Groomers is extremely active in producing quality content to educate, entertain, and spread messages to the public. This position must have a strong ability to navigate social media platforms and have success in producing content for them as well. This person would also be highly motivated and creative when in the content creation process.

Position Details:
· Led by the Director of Communications
· Create 1-2 videos per week that are submitted to the submissions group
· Ability to edit your own content for the organization
· Research topics, write personal scripts, and plan your content for the organization
· Respond to content requests from GAG leadership
· Ability to navigate all social media platforms


  • Must be part of the LGBT community

  • Self-starter


  • Proven long-term ability to produce, create, and manage your own content

  • Ability to produce quality content with clear intentions, education, and or entertainment 

  • 1+ years’ experience making content

  • Strong ability to work on a team

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